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Providing Protection for Children During Divorce

According to the American Psychological Association, about 40-50% of marriages end in divorce. This isn’t an uncommon phenomenon; your kids should know that they aren’t the only children to go through this, there are others who understand all the hardship. Make the Process as Fast and Amicable as Possible This may mean avoiding litigation, but… Continue reading →

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Suggestions For Reducing Conflict

Whether you’re struggling to make agreements in a hard divorce, navigating the struggles of co-parenting, or even dealing with a difficult workplace, knowing basic steps in conflict reduction and resolution is essential for a healthy success. Embrace it Conflict is not a bad thing. It may even be good for you, for your office, for… Continue reading →

Separation and Asset Division

The dividing of assets in separation or divorce can be quite complicated, and going through the process blind is an unquestionably bad idea. Any mistakes could be very detrimental to your financial stability in the wake of your separation, (especially if you have valuable property and/or debt) so it’s best to review the process and… Continue reading →

Child Custody Deposition Questions

Just what is a deposition? A deposition is the process by which each party conducts an investigation to find out more information about the case and build a strategy for how they will conduct themselves in the case. In a child custody deposition, your ex-spouse’s lawyer will ask you questions, and your lawyer will ask… Continue reading →

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Supervised Visitation in California

In the state of California, on some occasions a judge will order a parent has a visitation right with their child only during supervised visits. Under the premise of ensuring the child’s best interests, the court will order the other parent, or a neutral third party to observe the parent in these supervised visits. A… Continue reading →

Improve and Maintain Credit After Divorce

When you and your spouse obtained credit together, you entered into a contract agreeing to pay your bills. When you divorce, this contract does not dissolve; each of you remains fully liable for your debts. You can employ a few tactics to make sure your credit obligations do not make your divorce more difficult, like… Continue reading →

Planning your Elderly Parent’s Estate

Coping with the idea of a family member passing is an emotional process that we all must deal with at some point. It can also force us to think about estate planning for the future. Who needs a will? We all do – regardless of how many or how little assets we have. Helping your… Continue reading →

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Stop the Blame Game

How many times, when in the middle of an argument, have you asked your partner, “Why are you doing this to me?” How many times have you said, “It’s all his or her fault?” There are too many people who can go on and on about the faults and failings of their partner when a… Continue reading →

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Long Distance Parenting

Parents want to be close to their children, to participate in their daily routine and upbringing. What happens if after a divorce, one parent needs to move to a different geographic area due to a job opportunity, new relationship or other obligation? This can be a challenging situation for all parties involved. There are, however,… Continue reading →

Can My Child Support Be Waived?

Child support is an integral part of the legal proceedings undertaken in a divorce. State laws say that parents have a legal duty to support their children regardless of whether the parents are together or divorced. There are many moms out there that don’t want the father to seek custody and/or visitation. Or, what about… Continue reading →