In What Circumstances Does Supervised Visitation Apply to a Case?

When you’re going through a divorce with children, your children will always be your top priority. Perhaps some of the reason why you are going through the divorce is because you have concerns about your spouse, especially in regards to your children’s safety. There are numerous reasons why this could be called into question but you should know that there are protections. You don’t want your child to suffer from devastating effects due to the actions of your ex, whether they are abusing drugs or engaing in abusive acts, and you want to ensure that your child is constantly being protected. Under these circumstances, you might attempt to file for something known as ‘supervised visitation.’ What is this?

Different Circumstances That Call for Supervised Visitation

In What Circumstances Does Supervised Visitation Apply to a Case? The courts always believe that a child having both parents in their life is the most beneficial type of relationship. However, when one parent’s actions are having a detrimental impact on the child’s life in unhealthy ways, they might consider a situation involving supervised visitation. Here are some aspects that call for this type of scenario:

Causing Abuse: If the other parent has harmed your child in a physical or mental way due to their abusive nature, this could certainly call for a situation involving supervised visitation. If a child becomes extremely upset around the parent because of the abuse that they have endured, their time together might be best when it is limited.

Mental Illness: Suffering from a mental illness does not exclude you from being a parent. However, if the mental illness keeps you from being able to properly parent, this might also call for a supervised situation.

Abandonment: If the parent has failed to establish a relationship with their child over time, the child might not feel safe or feel distrust around the parent, which means they might not want to be alone with them.

Addiction-Related Issues: Substance abuse should always be carefully monitored, as it could have a huge impact on a child or leave them in a life-threateing situation and endanger their welfare.

Montes Law FirmAs you can see, there are many situations that call for supervised visits, even if they are not the ordinary in our modern parenting relationships. Instead of taking away visitation completely, supervised visits are the route many judges are taking. If you have concerns about the safety of your child or other custody concerns, we want to help at the , where your case is important to us. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.