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Separation and Asset Division

The dividing of assets in separation or divorce can be quite complicated, and going through the process blind is an unquestionably bad idea. Any mistakes could be very detrimental to your financial stability in the wake of your separation, (especially if you have valuable property and/or debt) so it’s best to review the process and… Continue reading →

Do I Have To Share My Retirement Benefits?

There are currently millions of workers covered by employer-provided retirement plans in the United States. For most of these people, retirement savings represent one of their most significant assets. For a married person, especially one that is about to be divorced, it is important to know how his or her interest will be divided at… Continue reading →

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Divorce and money issues

Divorce is stressful enough, but when financial issues arise, the sky is the limit. During your divorce process, before the property division is decided: ·     Determine which assets are worth fighting for ·     Analyze the marital debt that is before you ·     Determine the status of retirement benefits, such as IRAs and 401Ks ·     Investigate… Continue reading →

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