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Work is Moving Me Out of State, Will I Lose Custody of my Children?

When divorced parents share custody of a child, parent relocation can be a tricky issue. If a parent needs to move, and the move disrupts the current custody arrangement, then the parents will need to acquire a new custody order and new visitation arrangements. In California, if a custodial parents wants to move away with… Continue reading →

Can Child Support Be Changed

With today’s economy being the way it is, nothing is constant, especially when it comes to finances. When a couple gets divorced in California and children are involved, the issues involved in child support are of critical importance. The divorce order will include the instructions regarding paying child support, the amount, and how the payments… Continue reading →

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Can I change my child’s school?

A divorce is much more than just the end of your marriage. The issues addressed in your divorce will change the rest of your life and impact everyone you care about. Sometimes circumstances happen after divorce that requires the primary custodial parent to move to another city or even another state. This is a particularly… Continue reading →

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Long Distance Parenting

It’s not bad enough that you and your spouse have divorced and you have moved out of your home. Now, you find out that your former wife is moving out of the state. How can you successfully co-parent long-distance? Long distance parenting is probably one of the most difficult challenges facing a divorced parent. However,… Continue reading →

What happens when mom and dad live in separate states?

Child custody disputes are often a companion to divorce. Although a divorce is a stressful and tiring situation, child custody often can be even more overwhelming. When parents live in different states and have disputes regarding custody, visitation of another matter, it may be difficult to resolve. Which state has jurisdiction? When custody cases are… Continue reading →

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