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What Are Child Protection Orders? How Can They Help?

You have probably heard of protection orders, especially if you are somebody who was in an abusive relationship with an ex-spouse. But what are child protection orders and how do they work? How can they help in your time of need if you want what is best for your child? The child protective order helps… Continue reading →

Court-Ordered Counseling: What Plays a Role in My Divorce Case?

When it comes to divorce cases, judges understand that many elements are involved and they also understand that these cases can get tricky very fast. Because of this, judges believe that something known as court-ordered counseling is sometimes needed as a way to keep things neutral and help two divorcing spouses or parents through a difficult… Continue reading →

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Reunification Counseling and How We Can Help You

Because everybody has diverse custodial situations, it can sometimes be difficult to assess what the next steps should be when a child has been separated from their parents for some time. These circumstances happen for a variety of reasons, including abuse, drug use situations, and relationships involving parental alienation. When a child has been separated… Continue reading →