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Help: I Believe That My Spouse Lied During Divorce Mediation

Divorce can be a stressful time all by itself. When you are going through divorce, you know that you will have to handle many issues, such as handling your debts, child custody issues, assets, alimony, and more. What makes these situations even more stressful? When you believe that your spouse is lying during divorce mediation…. Continue reading →

Does Adultery Affect Spousal Support?

Divorce is a complicated and emotional process, and when adultery is involved, things get even more difficult. While adultery may not affect the initial divorce, it can truly have an impact on spousal support orders and payments. California is a no-fault divorce state, meaning you do not have to give a definitive reason for the… Continue reading →

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Divorce & Adultery

While adultery can cause significant pain and emotional stress in a marriage, it is not a significant factor in California divorce law. California divorces are obtained on no-fault grounds – and financial and child custody decisions are based on certain factors, not spousal behavior. California divorces are based on irreconcilable differences and the incurable insanity… Continue reading →

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Marital infidelity

In California, statistics show that about one-third of all marriages will experience marital infidelity.  Over a long period of time, couples sometimes lose interest in each other – this could open the door to an extra marital affair – a warning sign that something is wrong. Adultery is wrong.  It leads to secrecy and distance… Continue reading →

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