Help: I Believe That My Spouse Lied During Divorce Mediation

divorce mediationDivorce can be a stressful time all by itself. When you are going through divorce, you know that you will have to handle many issues, such as handling your debts, child custody issues, assets, alimony, and more. What makes these situations even more stressful? When you believe that your spouse is lying during divorce mediation.

Many people take their divorce cases to trial because they want the judge to help them settle their divorce matters. However, many others decide on divorce mediation because they believe that this will be a great time for them to communicate and work through issues that you don’t want the judge to decide for you. If you believe that your spouse is lying through their teeth when it comes to divorce matters, you may wonder what you can do to prove this and gain the results you deserve.

Proving the Lies

You want to keep a log of all the aspects that are true and those that are not so that you can prove this to the courts if it comes down to it. It’s helpful to have your own documents so that you can back up what you believe to be true, such as income tax returns, mortgage documents, household utilities and bills, bank statements, report cards and school attendance for your child, and more.

Those who have been through divorce see a common theme: Most spouses will lie about things like how much income they make, financial contribution of the other spouse to the household, accusing the spouse of adultery, or lying about how joint funds were spent in the past. They might even lie about serious issues like one parent having a drug addiction so that they lose time with their child, even though this is not true.

If you are going through a divorce and you believe that your spouse lied during divorce mediation, you will need an attorney on your side to protect your rights. Without concrete evidence, it is difficult to move forward. Call us as soon as possible to find out how we can help you with your case.