Child Custody & Visitation

In California, the courts follow the best interests of the children standard when making decisions regarding child custody. Judges try to maintain parenting arrangements similar to what the children were used to during the marriage. At The Montes Law Firm, our legal team takes a holistic approach to divorce and other family law matters, mindful of the need to aggressively protect our clients’ rights while pursuing balanced resolutions.

Our Orange County child custody attorney, Amy M. Montes, understands the benefits often obtained when both parents can create their own parenting arrangements; however, she also recognizes that certain situations and family dynamics create the need for court intervention.

As a dedicated divorce lawyer, she leverages her sophisticated understanding of courtroom procedures and her dispute resolution experience when handling clients’ cases. She evaluates every detail to design a course of action tailored to your unique needs.

The courts place substantial emphasis on each parent’s situation when determining child custody arrangements. The courts don’t automatically give custody to mothers, nor do judges base their decisions on a parent’s age, sex or economics. Every custody arrangement is dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Judges typically follow the status quo of what the children experienced during the marriage and review many factors, including the children’s ages, extracurricular activities and each parent’s work schedule. Whether you create your own parenting agreement or the court establishes one there are different types of custody. The custody that is given to each parent also defines there parental rights over their child.

Types of Child Custody:

  • Physical Custody
  • Legal Custody
  • Sole Custody
  • Joint Legal and Physical Custody

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Reunification Counseling & Visitation Rights

When parents have not been involved with their children for extended periods of time, they can still pursue visitation through reunification counseling. This legal avenue can help parents regain not only parental relationships, but also parental rights.

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