I Am a Custodial Parent, What Are My Responsibilities?

custodial parentIf you are the custodial parent of your child, you have a very important job – in fact, you might find that there are several. If you are the custodial parent, this means that the courts have given you primary legal or physical custody of your child. Of course, every relationship is different when you and the other parent of your child are no longer together, but you will find that there are many large responsibilities that affect you and your child in your day-to-day life. Today we want to take a look at some of the different aspects you will manage in your child’s life.

Custodial Parent Duties 

Visitation Schedules: It is up to you and the other parent to develop a parenting plan that works for everyone. You might be able to come to a conclusion on these matters alone or you might have to seek help from the courts. And if it comes to changing the visitation schedule, you should always try to give as much advance notice as possible.

Child Support Payments: Always try to keep a record of all child support payments. This is especially important if you have to request back child support payments in court because proof of past payments is basically a necessity.

Consulting Other Parent: In cases where you and the non-custodial parent share custody of your child, you should always consult your ex when it involves your child. You should attempt to still be a team as much as possible. This means talking about how to handle various situations. 

Best Interests: Remember the best interests of your child. This is the legal standard by which all major decisions are made in the eyes of the court. You want to ensure that, alongside the other parent, you are raising your child to grow up healthy and happy. You should always ensure that both homes are stable for your child to grow.

Relocation Matters: If you plan to relocate, you must always speak with the non-custodial parent in a mature way. You want to include them in all of these matters. The court will also want to be involved in this scenario, as they will only approve a move that is in the best interest of the child.

You will find that there are many responsibilities that come with being a custodial parent to a child. We can stand by your side as we help you through these matters and allow you to move forward with confidence in your case. Call us for more information at the Montes Law Firm today.