Collaborative divorce

Even though divorce is an emotional and stressful time, it doesn’t have to be.

Why shouldn’t you and your spouse work together for the best outcome?  After all, you were once a team working together.  The collaborative approach to divorce allows you to keep a positive relationship with your former spouse – it is best when there are children involved.

A mediator is involved.  You and your spouse will work with a neutral mediator who will listen to your concerns.  He or she will help you come to a collaborative agreement regarding your family issues.  In addition, you and your spouse will work towards a fair and equitable distribution of your assets.

Coming to a mutual agreement will take most of the stress and anxiety out of this already dreaded situation.  You will both be better off because you handled your own issues and did not place them in the hands of a judge.

If you are interested in working amicably with your former spouse, contact an Orange County Family Law attorney who will discuss the details of a collaborative divorce and answer any questions you have regarding your options.