Mediation versus Litigation

I have been asked what alternatives there are to going to court for a divorce.  There are many pros and cons to making the decision to resolve a divorce through the courts or at the mediation table.

Divorce mediation:

·         Couple meets with a trained mediator outside of court

·         Unbiased process

·         Discuss all matters in divorce

·         Works best when couple can keep their emotions under control

Alternative dispute resolution

·         Resolves divorce issues quickly

·         Allows couple to take ownership of their divorce instead of a judge doing so

·         More harmonious method of resolving differences

·         Less time than costly litigation


·         Meet with attorney who will represent you before judge

·         Usually involves contested divorce

·         Highly complex – more time-consuming

Regardless of the method you choose for your divorce, it is best to contact an experienced Orange County Divorce attorney who will help you understand the detailed issues, processes, outcome of each approach and help you make informed decisions that will impact your life.