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Judges or Parents: Who Determines Reasonable Visitation?

When it comes to your child custody issues, one of the major aspects you might be thinking about is the determination of reasonable visitation and how much the other parent is going to see your child. The process of visitation can sometimes be a difficult one, because one parent may want more time with the… Continue reading →

When You Are an Unmarried Father, What Are Your Rights?

If you are the biological parent of a child, you have a right to seek reasonable visitation or child custody as it pertains to that child. This applies even to parents who were not married when the child was born. The courts usually look at it this way: Having both parents in the child’s life… Continue reading →

The judge mentioned “reasonable visitation,” what does that mean?

Custody proceedings are usually riddled with confusing terminology that may inhibit your understanding and thus your ability to make good decisions about proposed agreements. Before you enter into any legal agreement, but especially long term decisions about your parental responsibilities like visitation, you should understand all the terms that will be put before you. Working… Continue reading →