Judges or Parents: Who Determines Reasonable Visitation?

When it comes to your child custody issues, one of the major aspects you might be thinking about is the determination of reasonable visitation and how much the other parent is going to see your child. The process of visitation can sometimes be a difficult one, because one parent may want more time with the child and one parent might not like the time they are given. Who determines reasonable visitation – the judge, parents, a government agency, or the child? This is a question many people ask because it’s a subject that can be downright confusing at times.

Who Determines Reasonable Visitation? 

determines reasonable visitationA child has a right to see his or her parent for a reasonable amount of time, which is why many different people and entities will work together to come up with what is reasonable when it comes to a parent’s time with a child. Yes, if you are going to court for your matters, the court will almost always have a say at some point. However, the court also wants you and the other parent to work together as much as possible to come to a conclusion about your custody matters, as they are imperative to the livelihood of your child.

The court wants the child to primarily live with the parent who offers the most stability and a healthy environment for them to grow. If this is with the mother or father, that is fine. From there, the non-custodial parent will receive visitation as all parties see fit. There are many effects on a visitation schedule, from the work hours of both parties to the activities that a child is involved in. Obviously, a child couldn’t visit their non-custodial parent during the day if they are school-age and would be in school at the time. This is why there are many people who decide – from the parents who discuss their schedules, to the child who gets a say in their schedule and what they do, to the court who approves every aspect.

At the end of the day, you will be making many major decisions when it comes to your child and visitation with the other parent. It pays to be able to work together during this time. If you need help determining the perfect visitation schedule, call us for more information on how we can help. At the Law Offices of Amy M. Montes, we care about your case and your results.