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I’m a Mother: How Do I Get Full Custody of My Child?

At one point in time, the court system had a biased stance on child custody and believed that the children always belonged with their mother in custody disputes. Today, the law sees it a bit differently and believes that it is in the best interests of the child to have both parents in their life…. Continue reading →

Parental Alienation and the Courts

The courts agree on a very important aspect involved with raising children: maintaining healthy and strong relationships between both parents. However, what happens when one parent makes it impossible for those strong relationships to occur? This may be a standard case of parental alienation, where one parent targets the other by “programming” the child a… Continue reading →

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Fathers and custody disputes

Fathers sometimes get the raw end of the deal, especially when it concerns divorce and seeing his children. In most cases it is the mom who looks after the children, takes them to doctor appointments, to after-school activities, help with their homework.  She does the day-to-day activities with them.  The dad is out working so… Continue reading →

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