Fathers and custody disputes

Fathers sometimes get the raw end of the deal, especially when it concerns divorce and seeing his children.

In most cases it is the mom who looks after the children, takes them to doctor appointments, to after-school activities, help with their homework.  She does the day-to-day activities with them.  The dad is out working so he can provide for them, but does he know what they like to do and when they do it?

When divorce strikes a family, the dad has to learn more about his children and this is in addition to working so he can provide for them.  He now has to know the names of his children’s teachers and doctors; he has to learn how to make meals for them.

Dad, here are some helpful hints for you:

·         Learn everything about your children – their friends, teachers, doctors, favorite activities

·         Meet these people – talk to them

·         Never compete with their mother by showering them with gifts or trips to amusement parks

Your children need lots of love, attention and assurance that everything will be okay.  If you are having problems with your ex-wife regarding seeing your children or the care of them, contact an experienced Orange County Family Law attorney for advice and help.