Amicable Divorce: What is it and How Do You Have One?

What is amicable divorce? Often times, when you hear of divorce, you think about how heated the process can become and how difficult decisions are when you have many harsh issues to deal with. You don’t want your divorce to become a drawn-out brawl, which is why you want to go through amicable divorce. Amicable… Continue reading →

Readying Yourself and Your Financial Situation During Divorce

When finances are important to you and you are attempting to retain as many rights to your earnings and keep your life healthy and stable after divorce, you might start looking into what your financial situation will look like. Some people cannot be prepared for the emotions and financial turmoil that sometimes comes with divorce,… Continue reading →

What Are Some Factors That Might Affect My Alimony Payments?

You might think that alimony is standard for anybody and that every spouse should expect the same amount in alimony payments, but this is not true. There are actually many factors that are taken into consideration when the courts are determining what you should receive as your monthly payment, based on what they think is… Continue reading →

Dividing Property When You Are Going Through a Divorce

One of the most important aspects during the divorce process is definitely dividing property. There might be many aspects that are of huge importance to you and you might have questions about how the process works. Today we will take a closer look at property and debt division and how it affects you. The Different… Continue reading →

What Rights Does the Non-Custodial Parent Have When Parenting?

What rights does a non-custodial parent have? If you are the custodial parent of a child, you know that you have to make many important decisions for that child and care for them on a full-time schedule. You might wonder what role the other parent in your parenting relationship fulfills, and what it means for… Continue reading →

I Am a Custodial Parent, What Are My Responsibilities?

If you are the custodial parent of your child, you have a very important job – in fact, you might find that there are several. If you are the custodial parent, this means that the courts have given you primary legal or physical custody of your child. Of course, every relationship is different when you… Continue reading →

Unmarried Parents: What Happens in the Event of a Custody Battle

What happens when a child is born to an unmarried mother? Does the father have rights? Technically, according to the laws, the father has no legal right to see his child if there is no court order put in place – but a court order can easily be enacted at any time. Unwed fathers are… Continue reading →

How Divorce is Handled When a Family Business is Involved

You’ve started a family business with your spouse, and over the years it has thrived and evolved into something you are proud of. But now you aren’t sure what to do because you’re getting a divorce from that same spouse you built everything with. How are matters handled when you are involved in a divorce… Continue reading →

What Are Child Protection Orders? How Can They Help?

You have probably heard of protection orders, especially if you are somebody who was in an abusive relationship with an ex-spouse. But what are child protection orders and how do they work? How can they help in your time of need if you want what is best for your child? The child protective order helps… Continue reading →

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