Help With My Divorce: I Think My Spouse is Wasting Assets

During your marriage, one of the most tiring aspects you had to deal with might have been the financial strain between you and your spouse. In fact, financial issues are some of the biggest issues that couples have during their marriage at times. It is one of the biggest causes of divorce, alongside lack of communication. Of course, there are things that every spouse will have to spend money on: like the most basic things – clothing, their home, gifts for family and friends around the holidays. But what happens when your spouse is buying things without your approval or behind your back?

During the marriage or divorce, your spouse may need to make a down payment on their new vehicle or for some home repairs because, if they don’t, they could have their vehicle taken away or their home won’t be livable. These are seen as important purchases and not just wasteful, unnecessary spending. But what happens when your spouse has gambling debts, or gifts to someone they are having an affair with? Extreme spending on a credit card, a new loan taken out without your approval, or major business losses? There are certain things that your spouse should confront you about, and become a huge problem if they do not.

What You Can Do 

When you are going through a divorce particularly, this can become a huge matter. Depending on how great the circumstances are and what losses you are experiencing, you may want to seek the help of a court to help your spouse’s wasteful spending when you are going through the start of your divorce process. This could lead to something known as a financial restraining order, which explains that your spouse is squandering marital funds. The court could respond by ordering each spouse to only spend a certain amount every month from their earnings, or prevent each spouse from selling or purchasing stocks, property, cars, and other elements.

If your spouse is wasting assets and it has left a major impact on your life, you may even be entitled to additional alimony to make up for the funds. It could even lead to you receiving more property to make up for your losses. These are in the most extreme circumstances. If your spouse is guilty of wasting marital assets, you may wonder what options you have to put a stop to it while you are going through divorce. Start now before it’s too late, and call us for help. We are willing to talk to you as soon as possible to get started on your case.