Dealing with Custody When One Parent is Long Distance

Sometimes, when one parent lives far away from the other parent, custody considerations get much more difficult. As a result a long distance custody agreement must be decided upon, which is not always an easy thing to do. However, you may have to return to court to have your order modified if you had a custody agreement and then a parent decided to move away.

Can the Parent Get Sole Custody?

When one parent decides to move far away, there is a major concern that comes into play when they decide to take the other parent for sole custody. Sometimes a parent will use this as a tactic to take their child with them and try to deny visits from the other parent. They may argue that it is better for the child due to certain circumstances, though the court will usually deny this because they believe in both parents spending time with the child and building a relationship.

When you are making your original custody agreement, sometimes it is a good idea to include provisions for a long distance custody arrangement. If you plan ahead and add in these provisions to agree on who has the child at specific times, it will make things easier if the scenario actually occurs. Sometimes, when long distance plans are in place, the non-custodial parent will get the child at special times, such as for spring break, varying holidays, a few weeks in summer, and more.

Getting Through Long Distance 

Long distance parenting can be hard, and we understand this. However, it can be made easier when you take steps to implement time with the other parent through other means. Because we live in an age of technology, you can take advantage of Skype and phone calls so that your child can keep in touch with the other parent.

You can consider “unique” arrangements for your custody agreement, aside from your typical agreement. You may decide to let the child stay with their other parent in ‘bulk’ to save time and expenses. Getting through the issue of distance may be difficult, but it is never impossible. Call us to find out how we can help.