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The Many Steps of Child Custody Mediation and Why It’s Vital

Child custody is an extremely important decision that you make with your ex-spouse when you decide who is going to make legal decisions for your child and how much time they’re going to spend with both of you. Because of this, many couples find that they can’t agree and their cases end up in front… Continue reading →

Dealing with Custody When One Parent is Long Distance

Sometimes, when one parent lives far away from the other parent, custody considerations get much more difficult. As a result a long distance custody agreement must be decided upon, which is not always an easy thing to do. However, you may have to return to court to have your order modified if you had a… Continue reading →

Enforce Child Support Payments

I Didn’t Get My Child Support, Can I Withhold Visitation: How many times have I heard parents complain that they didn’t receive their child support and want to withhold visitation rights because of it? Would this tactic force them to pay? Parents work hard to receive child visitation; they don’t want to be told they… Continue reading →

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