Worries You Might Have Regarding Your Child’s Healthcare After Divorce

child's healthcareEvery state is different when it comes to custody matters and more, as you have probably found ever since you have started the divorce process. When it comes to raising children with your ex-spouse, there are many aspects that are considered – including financially supporting the child from both ends. So what happens when it comes to healthcare coverage, which can be another expense for many families?

Courts tend to help make the decision of who will be responsible for caring for a child’s healthcare needs. Sometimes it goes much further than just putting a child on your insurance, but also includes aspects like out-of-pocket costs, deductibles, and many other expenses that insurance might not cover. If parents can’t agree on these matters, then the court will come to their own conclusion based on individual finances and who is able to offer support to the child.

Most Popular Plans of Action

When it comes to healthcare and expenses regarding your child, here are some of the agreements that many people come to:

  • Non-custodial parent puts the child on their health insurance plan, just as they would pay for things like child support
  • Purchasing an affordable plan that covers the child
  • Putting the child on Medicaid or CHIP due to neither parent being able to afford insurance
  • Either dividing the expenses of healthcare costs between both parents, or having one parent pay for it all
  • Placing one parent on primary insurance to cover the child, and the second on secondary insurance

When it comes to covering a child’s healthcare, this is a huge decision with a lot of momentum, and you will find that studying the laws in your state will benefit you in many ways. You don’t want to risk the well-being of your child in case they fall ill or stumble across an emergency – just as you don’t want to receive penalties for your child not being insured during a certain time period. We want to help you with your divorce matters, so give us a call today. At the Montes Law Firm, we care about your results.