Why legal separation?

If your marriage is not working and you are considering moving out of your home, a legal separation is the way to go for now.  It will protect you concerning child custody, alimony, taxes and any new debt that is incurred.

Moving out of your home could set a precedent for what is awarded if you decide to file for divorce.  You wouldn’t want to give up your rights to your home before papers are drawn up.  A separation agreement can state who will be awarded the home.


If you decide to move out of your home, make sure you take the necessary steps, such as removing your name from utilities, put a freeze on your bank account, make copies of your tax records for the last several years, and take inventory of what is in the home.


If you are at a point where a legal separation may be the answer to your problems, contact an experienced Orange County Family Law attorney who will explain the legal ramifications in the state of California and who will draw up the separation agreement to best protect you.