What is parental alienation syndrome?

Has your child shown an unwillingness to spend time with you?  Parental alienation syndrome could be the reason. It generally occurs when a child’s parents are going through a divorce or separation.  The child expresses unjustified hatred or a strong dislike of one parent making visitation difficult or impossible.

The feelings can occur when one parent speaks negatively of the other in front of the child or shows a lack of empathy to the rejected parent.  It’s when that parent attempts to alienate the other parent from their child in an underhanded way.

Not sure if this is what’s happening?  Signs include:

·     Your child no longer wants to spend time with you

·     Your child blames only you for the divorce

·     Your child is using language heard by his or her parent

If you believe this is happening to you, contact an experienced Orange County Family Law attorney who will help you understand your options to make this stop including legal action against the other parent.  Going through a divorce is already emotionally trying.  Once you put this situation to rest, you can focus on spending time with your child again.