What is a palimony?

California Palimony laws were created for couples living together who are not married.  If the relationship ends, one of the parties may be entitled to a portion of the other’s property – depending on the circumstances surrounding the relationship.

Palimony was best known back in the 1970’s when a woman living with the actor Lee Marvin said he promised to take financial care of her.  The case went to the Supreme Court where they showed she could not prove there was an oral agreement between them.  She did not receive any of his property when they ended the relationship.

To win a palimony case in California, a contract may be written and signed by both parties or an oral agreement would work if the individual can prove that he or she sacrificed a career to be with their partner.

Couples choosing to live together without marriage do not have the same rights as a married couple.  However, there are conditions when a judge will award an unmarried person financial support from a former partner.

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