Void Marriage: Can I Receive an Annulment After Marriage?

Here is one point you always have to remember: There has to be a reason for an annulment. You can’t just get an annulment “because,” which is why it is important to understand how they work and how soon after marriage the process must be completed to be void. You may have a limited amount of time, which is why you might wonder when you should get started on the process.

Is it a void marriage?

void marriageThe first thing that you want to ask is: Is my marriage void? If a marriage is void, this means that it probably was against the law in the first place. This could include a marriage where you find out that you have married somebody who is closely related to you by blood. The same can be said for marriages that were built in fraud, such as in situations where your partner was already married at the time of your marriage to them. These are some of the easiest marriages to annul, because they never really existed in the first place.

There are many circumstances that call for your marriage to be consider “flawed.” Depending on the circumstances, you could have anywhere from months or years to annul a marriage that is voidable under the law. This could mean anywhere to six months to several years.

The same can be said in situations where a minor has married someone and did not have express permission to do so. In California, if a minor is married, they have two years to request an annulment after reaching the age of 18. However, a parent could step in and have a marriage annulled in one of these cases before then.

The court must agree with your reason to go through with your annulment. If you believe your marriage is voidable, you may want to speak with an experienced attorney about your case as you move forward. Call us for more information on how we can help.