How Your Social Media and Data May be Handled in Divorce

Couple struggling with technologyYou may think that the things you say and do stay private, especially during your marriage. However, what happens if you are in the midst of divorce and the other party claims that they have harmful evidence against you? Social media can have a huge effect on your divorce, which is why it is important to become informed and learn the measures you can take before it’s too late.

How Social Media Affects Divorce 

There have been many times in history where spouses have hid assets and, through social media snooping, this information was broadcasted and shown to the courts. There have been many situations where a couple divorced and one spouse was reported as sharing important financial activities on their social media even though they were keeping this hidden from the other spouse. A spouse may be listening to what is being said and shared. If you claim that you have no money in court but then buy new boat, this could look very bad in the eyes of the court.

There have also been many times where evidence was used against a spouse because of what they said in an e-mail and over text. In fact, this happens so often that family lawyers will typically advise against putting things in text or e-mail, or really anywhere that they wouldn’t want a judge to read. Social media can be a spouse’s downfall during divorce proceedings, and these are realistic aspects to consider.

Tips to Keep in Mind 

  • You can prevent these incidents from happening by restricting your online activity. While your divorce is in session, you may choose to deactivate some social media profiles or delete certain people who may have ties to your spouse and may be keeping an eye on your social postings.
  • Ensure that your ex-spouse will not be able to log into your private accounts by changing passwords and security questions for your protection.
  • You may share calendars and other apps on many devices. However, you should keep control of your devices during divorce. Your personal information may not be as private as you thought it was otherwise.

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