Relocation issues

When a couple with children divorces, it is important for the parents to successfully co-parent with each other.  In order for this to happen, certain agreements must be made in addition to the custody agreement.

What happens when one of the parents wants or needs to move out of California?  It is the goal of California family courts to ensure that children have frequent and regular contact with each parent.  California laws do not prevent a parent from moving out of the state, but they might not be able to take their children with them.  Depending on the circumstances, California law gives the custodial parent the right to relocate with the children.  However, a move-away petition must be filed with the family court first.

If you are looking to relocate with your children, you first have to receive permission from the Orange County Family Law court. Contact an experienced Orange County Family Law attorney who will explore all angles of your relocation case to understand the impact on your children.