Paying child support

When a marriage ends, parents still have a legal obligation to ensure their children have the financial means to carry on the same standard of living they had before.

A question that many ask is, “Will I have to pay child support if I have custody of my child at least half of the time?”  Many people believe that when an equal parenting arrangement is made, the parents should be responsible for their child in their own home and child support should not be ordered.  Unfortunately, that does not always happen.

Many factors are taken into consideration when child support is established.  One of the factors is the percentage of parenting time for each parent.  Others include the income of each parent, extra child care expenses, insurance for medical and dental care.

If you have questions regarding paying child support, contact an experienced Orange County Family Law attorney who will review with you the critical facts in your case ensure the most efficient method of attaining your desired result.