Paternity disputed

Did you see the news about an Angels baseball player who is disputing paternity of a 4-year old boy?

In a recent petition, the Orange County Child Services asked a judge to make the ball player pay higher child support to the mother because of his high salary.  He had been paying several thousand dollars a month for over a year.  The mother claimed that the couple and the child lived together for more than a year until she learned he was married to another woman.

As of recently, he had not taken a DNA test to determine if he was, indeed, the father of this young boy, but intended to do so shortly.  However, the child is hearing-impaired and the ball player has been paying for all of his expenses, including medical.  

If you believe your child support payments are too high, contact an experienced Orange County Family Law attorney who will protect your rights as a father and make sure your payments are modified if they are too high – you will be protected under California State child support laws.