Marriage and an extramarital affair

Finding evidence that your husband is having an affair cannot be easy; it oftentimes leads a woman to a divorce attorney.

Finding that your husband is cheating on you destroys the trust you once had in him; it opens up emotions you did not know you had, such as rage, betrayal and humiliation.  How do you feel when you find out your husband’s needs were not met?  

An affair does not always mean just sex.  It sometimes means that your husband has connected with another person, not only sexually, but emotionally.  He is no longer communicating with you – he has found another female.

When communication breaks down, so does the marriage bond that once existed.  It is not easy to fix a marriage when an extramarital affair takes place.  However, if both partners want the marriage to survive, they need the help of professionals; they need honesty with each other and a whole lot of patience.

If you have found evidence your husband is cheating on you, contact an experienced Orange County Family Law attorney to find out your options.