Why do we Divorce? Are we Ready for it?

Man and woman sits at a desk with hands clasped.Every year, many people go through the divorce process because they feel as if this is the end of their relationship. One of the top reasons why people divorce is not due to reasons like sexual infidelity, but instead lack of communication. However, you will find that there are many other popular reasons why marriages split. Here are just a few:

Married for the wrong reasons: Some people marry just because of the money or because they have predetermined that, after dating for many years, it is just the right thing to do. They want to meet individual expectations that others have set out for them instead of doing what they feel is right. You have the choice to get married or not, so always be sure.

Lack of individualism: Having a sole codependent relationship does not always work out. You must have your own goals and interests. Feel free to spend time away from your partner and grow a comfortable distance to live your own life.

Lack of shared vision of success: In some relationships, partners may find that they do not agree on too wide an array of important matters. It could come down to something as simple as spending too much money, while your partner believes in saving. Your expectations may change, which is why you should find out intentions from the start.

Lack of intimacy: There may be misunderstandings or one partner may not be as romantic or sexual in nature. If there is a lessening in the sexual department on either side, it may completely destroy a relationship. One may feel underappreciated.

Ready to Take the Step Into Divorce?

You may be unsure of whether or not you are ready for divorce. If you find yourself saying “I think I want divorce but I’m not sure if it’s right for me,” then you are probably not ready for divorce. The decision to divorce is huge because it will impact everything in your life and the lives of loved ones around you. Put your emotions and ego aside and then ask yourself if you feel truly ready for this step. You must also determine whether or not your ideas of divorce perfectly align with that of your spouse’s and if you are both working toward the same end goal. If, after you ask these questions and determine that divorce is for you, you should contact us for help with your divorce case. We are willing to help in your time of need.