Divorce & father’s rights

Divorce is never a pleasant experience, especially when children are involved.  A father facing divorce has equal rights when it comes to divorce and his child.  A father’s role in the development of a child is vital.  It is important to keep his child in his life always.  Just because your relationship with your wife didn’t work out, it does not mean your child has to suffer.

As a father, you are entitled to visitation rights; it is important to remain close to your child throughout his or her life.  The child’s best interests always come first.  If the mother is unfit, you should seek full custody.

If you are a father having problems with divorce, including your rights as a father, contact a skilled and experienced Orange County Divorce attorney who will make sure your rights as a father are not overlooked, and will fight to make sure you remain in your child’s life today, tomorrow, and always.  Children have two parents and both need to play an active role in their day-to-day activities.