Divorce and your children

The breakup of a marriage is often one of the most disturbing times in a person’s life.  If you are considering divorce, you are probably experiencing a new set of emotions and feelings, not to mention stress.

Once upon a time you and your spouse worked as a team when it came to matters regarding your children.  Now you must decide everything by yourself.  Divorce can turn a child’s life upside down.  Your marriage has ended – you and your children will now go through a lot of adjustments and changes.

The following may help you and your child each time you must go through a change:

·    Don’t bring new friends (opposite sex) home unless your relationship with him or her is


·    Keep yours and your children’s routine as it was, if possible

·     Discuss any big changes with your children

If you are going through a divorce and are having a hard time coping with change and adjustments, contact an experienced Orange County Family Law attorney who can help you get to the new and better road to your future.  Dealing with change after divorce isn’t always easy, but with the proper help, you and your children will get through it.