Dealing with juvenile delinquency

A juvenile delinquency is a person who is usually under the age of 18 and commits an illegal behavior and is accused of breaking the law.  If he or she was an adult, it would be charged as a crime.

The court deals with this behavior by considering the age of the child, how serious the crime is and if the child has a prior criminal record.  The court can order that your child be placed on probation, live under court supervision, be placed with a relative or in a foster home.  Your child can be sent to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.  After two to three months, your child will go to a correctional facility or youth camp – once treatment is determined.

If your child is arrested, you, as a parent, have legal responsibilities and possibly financial responsibilities if your child caused damage to another person’s property.  If your child is arrested, contact an Orange County Family Law attorney who is successful in defending juvenile delinquents.