Custody Disputes When Your Child Has Medical Issues

If you are going through a custody battle with your ex and your child has medical issues, you probably already understand that this is a difficult and stressful situation for all parties involved. As a caring parent, you understand that your child’s health is top priority, from any future surgeries or medications that they may require. Now that there is a divorce in the mix, you may worry about whether or not you will hear about future doctor’s visits or important information concerning your child’s health. We can help you figure out how your order will address these issues and keep you both involved in these aspects of your child’s life.

Changing Your Custody Order 

You may wonder if you can request a change in custody based on your child’s medical needs. This may lead to a custody evaluation that will assess whether or not a parent is fit to deal with the medical needs of the child. This could happen in cases where one parent refuses to give a child their medicine when it is absolutely necessary. One parent may live too far away from a hospital and have a life-threatening condition. These are all things that are taken into consideration. However, there will have to be a significant change in circumstances for an order adjustment, such as evidence that a child’s medical needs have been jeopardized, or a recent diagnosis that the child suffers from an extreme medical condition.

When There is an Emergency

Some parents may wonder how they should handle a child’s medical care in an emergency. When your child is in an emergency situation, you are permitted to provide immediate care, no matter what the order says. However, the other parent should be involved in this process in any way possible, especially if they have legal custody.

When you are involved in a custody case and your child has medical issues, it can be a scary time for everyone involved. This is why it is important to know where you stand as far as your rights. We want to hear from you so we can help you with your case.