Your Custody Case and Social Media: What You Should Never Do

social mediaA few years ago, before social media became as popular as it is today, attorneys and judges never had to speak a word about what you should do and shouldn’t do when it comes to your online information. Now, with divorce becoming a popular subject, social media plays a huge role in many matters of divorce – including your custody case. You want to protect yourself during this difficult time because you don’t want to lose any precious time with your child.

Many people in the process of divorce find themselves in a situation where they want to vent and speak with others personally about what they are feeling and going through. However, social media is not always the best place to turn when you are in the midst of a custody action. Social media can be entertaining and innocent to you, but did you know that what you post online could be detrimental to your case? Today we want to focus on what you should never do online while you are going through a case.

Aspects That Can Negatively Impact Your Case 

Here are some of the aspects of social networking that you might not have known can actually affect your case in a negative fashion:

  • Posting pictures of new, luxurious items you have obtained even though support seems to be an issue
  • Posting pictures of your “crazy night out” even though you were supposed to have custody of your child that night
  • Posts referencing drug use or abuse
  • Posting provocative pictures of yourself
  • Updating your relationship to ‘in a relationship’ even though the divorce has not been finalized
  • Venting about your active case in a way that speaks negatively about it in any way, or degrades your ex
  • Posting threatening things about your ex or to other parties

When it comes to divorce and social media, you want to protect yourself and stay away from these subjects. They could come back to negatively impact you in the future. Especially when you are working toward the ideal custody situation, you want to do what it takes to maintain a good, healthy lifestyle and work toward a better future for you and your children.

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