Creating a Successful Parenting Plan

A parenting plan outlines how you and your ex-spouse will care for and provide for your children.  It allows the parents to work out a schedule that is beneficial for all involved.  The best plan is one that is created by both parents together – allowing them to work together in a friendly manner.

Your parenting plan should consist of:

·     Where your children will live, spend time – how long with each parent?

·     Decisions regarding medical care, education, religion

·     Guidelines how you and the other parent will work together

·     Expenses and child support information

·     All information regarding custody

·     Holiday schedule

·     Vacation time

Parenting plans may be worked out between the parents or with their divorce attorneys.  Parents are urged to come up with an agreement that works for everyone.  If you are having trouble creating a successful parenting plan, contact an experienced Orange County Divorce attorney who can help you protect your relationship with your children.