Coping with divorce at holiday time

Summer is approaching, and so is the holiday season.  First, there’s July 4th, then Labor Day, then Thanksgiving and then Christmas and the New Year will be here.  Holidays are when family and friends get together to show their love for each other and to have a good day.  When a couple is going through a divorce, this does not always happen.  It is especially true when children are involved and they have to spend their holiday time going between their parent’s separate homes.

The first year may be difficult; it takes time to get used to.  Look at the bright side – it is now a time to make new traditions.  You are still a family, but you are now two separate families.  This is a time for each parent to focus and discuss positive things – not negative divorce problems.

Let go of the past and make the time you have with your children special.  Enjoy the holidays.

If you need to arrive at a plan to spend more time with your children during holidays or any time during the year, contact an experienced Orange County Family Law attorney who can discuss a plan that works for everyone in your family.