Consistent co-parenting

I can’t stress enough how important consistent co-parenting can make for a healthier environment.

Developing routines is essential for your children.  I don’t mean in just your home, but in your ex-spouse’s home as well.  It doesn’t matter if your children are very young or are teenagers – a schedule is good; it builds consistency.  Discuss with them what they should do and expect when they wake, when they should do their homework, when it’s time for television and other forms of fun.

It is not fun or easy when children have to go between two homes.  Create standards that they can get used to.  Be consistent when it comes to drop off or pick-up times.

It is important for you and your co-parent to sit down together and discuss house rules.  Let each home have similar rules so the children will not be confused at each residence.  Doing this early will help your children meet your expectations.  In addition, discuss with your co-parent consequences when they misbehave.  You and your co-parent should be together on these issues.

Once your children settle down into a routine, you will discover that co-parenting is a good thing.  However, if you and your ex-spouse cannot come to a meeting of the minds, contact an experienced Orange County Family Law attorney who will set you on the right path and one who has yours and your children’s best interests.