Avoiding Competition in Coparenting and Planning the Best Summer

Summer vacation can sometimes be difficult to plan – now add in a divorce and you have one confusing summer. Some parents are unsure of where to turn when they are planning summer for the first time since their divorce. The season is supposed to be one of fun, relaxation, and excitement, so we will help you understand how to avoid unnecessary stress and have fun with your children.

Summer Quick Tips 

Planning Ahead: Making plans with both the other parent and your children is in your best interest when you are working on a coparenting plan for the summer. You never want to have last-minute disagreements, so come up with a vacation schedule as soon as possible. You have to make timely decisions in regards to your vacation planning, as this is set out in most court orders. It also pays to prepare your children for these changes so that they understand what is coming, and where they are going.

Communication: You should always communicate to your ex where you and the children are going, especially if you are planning on leaving the state. Sometimes this is best done in writing so that you do not face legal action for leaving without notifying your ex. 

Making a Checklist: There are some things that every parent should remember for their trip, such as copies of health insurance and an adequate supply of the children’s medication.

Avoiding Competition 

Coming up with vacation plans should be made fun for all, so inviting competition into these choices is unnecessary. Children enjoy quality time and don’t care who takes them to the beach for a few days versus who spends a day at the zoo with them. Your children want to be happy and see you happy, which goes above and beyond matching egos. If you have a budget for your vacation, you will feel better sticking to it, so avoid competitive matters at all costs. Your child will appreciate that you aren’t being superficial and holding money over everyone’s head.

Psychological Benefits of Coparenting

There are many benefits to a coparenting plan, especially during the summer months. Not only can it alleviate stress for you since you will be laying out ideas with your ex and have everything figured out, but it can also offer stability to your children, who will feel a strong relationship with both parents as a result. When you meet the educational needs of a child and give them special consideration, you are also helping them psychologically. We understand coparenting can be difficult, especially during the summer months, which is why you should always have a coparenting agreement to help you along the way. Call us today for more information.