Collecting support from your ex

When children are involved in the divorce process, the court will order one or both of the parents to pay support.  What happens when one does not?

According to California law, you are owed support for your children.  It is a responsibility of each parent to provide for their children.  Stay calm; there are ways to get a deadbeat parent to pay up.

The most common way for you to receive your child support money is through wage withholding.  The court can order your former spouse’s employer to deduct a certain amount of money on a continuous basis from his or her paycheck.

There are many options available to you.  Call an experienced Orange County Family Law attorney who will discuss them with you and take you through the process step by step.  If your ex is not paying his or her child support, he or she can be held in contempt of court.  They can also be sent to jail until payment is made.