Civil domestic violence

Domestic violence is not always an act of violence against a spouse – sometimes it applies to a partner, a former partner or a person you may be dating.

When a divorce is in process, claims of domestic violence are not uncommon, especially for those couples facing child custody cases. This can turn very unpleasant.  Domestic violence is considered a felony offense.  If you are convicted, you will not only lose your right to vote or to own firearms, but you can lose your right to freedom and to your children.

The negative effects of domestic violence are endless – but most importantly, it can severely impair a parent’s ability to nurture his or her children.  When a child is in a home that has domestic violence, their social skills, attitude and emotional state can be adversely impacted.

If you are suffering from domestic violence or have been charged with it, contact an Orange County Family Law attorney who is experienced with such cases and can help you whether you have been accused of committing domestic violence or are a victim of it – one who will know exactly how to handle civil domestic violence cases and will work hard to resolve whatever situation you are facing.