Child Support Myths: The Truth About Support Payments

There are many myths that are associated with child support. Because of this, sometimes you hear things about the child support process that are not necessarily true. Today we want to debunk these myths and help you understand the truth about the process so you can move forward with your case.

What You Need to Know About Child Support 

If you are somebody who got a divorce from your spouse, you may already be familiar with child support or want to learn more about the process. This is where the court orders the non-custodial parent to pay a certain portion of their income to the other parent as child support. Here are some debunked support myths:

Myth: Child support payment totals are always calculated the same, no matter where you live. Actually, child support payments are calculated based on your state’s guidelines. Parents have no choice as to what the other parent is going to pay for child support, too. Every state has guidelines on how much a family should be getting in support, with a precise formula involved.

Myth: Child support payments are permanent once they’re put in place. This is also not true. It is possible that your child support payment totals could be reviewed and adjusted as things change. As a child grows, their needs and expenses will change. This could lead to an increase or decrease in payments.

Myth: Child support payments will pay for everything the family needs, so the wife won’t have to work. Child support payments will probably not be enough to cover all of a child’s expenses. Raising a child is an expensive experience and a parent will need another way to supplement income to maintain all of their child’s finances.

Myth: If I have shared custody, I won’t have to pay child support. Parents who share custody may still have to pay support. This is because there are differences in legal and physical custody. If parents share physical custody, child support payments will be influenced.

As you can see, there are many things you need to understand about child support before you become interested in your case. We can help you with your case. Call us for more information.