Child Custody Battles and Their Effects on Working Moms

Child Support TaxesMany years ago, more mothers tended to stay at home with their children while husbands went to work, but over the years this changed and now women are a strong and necessary part of the workforce! Due to these changes, custody issues can come into play, especially when large determinations are being made that could affect a child in many ways. Approximately 70.5% of mothers are now working, with over 30% of working wives earning more than the men in the household.

Because of these huge changes in a household, courts are realizing that both men and women should be treated equally in the eyes of the law. More women are working, more men are assuming parental responsibility than years prior, and 50/50 custody is becoming more normal every year. The truth is, more fathers are gaining primary custody each year and women may see this as a punishment on their character, wondering if their jobs are keeping them from their children. However, even working mothers can stay active in their children’s lives and make a good case in the eyes of the court. Even if you are spending long hours in the office or on the road, keeping up to date with your children and contributing in every aspect of their life is always important. Make it a priority to be involved in teacher conferences, doctor’s appointments, and so much more.

Courts love to establish routine in a child’s life, which is why they choose not to “favor” one parent over another. There are many different types of family situations these days – some mothers working full-time, some mothers not working at all, some fathers working full-time, and some not at all. Because of this, matters are left in the hands of the court and you must be able to stand up and say that you were as active of a parent as possible, even through the work hours.

How Co-Parenting Successfully Helps Parents 

If you are a working mother, you may feel like this will be used against you in court. However, working with your ex-spouse may be in your best interest if both of you have busy schedules but want to stay active in your children’s lives to the best of your ability. You and your ex can become important assets to one another and learn how to take care of yourselves by working together and picking up the slack in regards to watching the children on equal levels. It’s all about contributions. If you are in the middle of a custody battle and need an experienced attorney to walk you through the process, call us today. We handle many cases and can offer you the help you need.