Child custody and relocation

There are few post-divorce issues that are as contentious, stressful and emotional as those involving a custodial parent’s desire to relocate with his or her children.

Why would a custodial parent want to relocate?  Perhaps it is because of a job offer or because he or she just wants to start a new life. What does this do to the non-custodial parent who will not see the children as often or have time to enjoy a quality relationship with them?

Are you a custodial parent who wants to relocate?  Or, are you a non-custodial parent who opposes the relocation?  Relocations are often presented as parent versus parent.  However, both parents should keep in mind that the best interests of their children must always come first.

If you find yourself in this situation, talk to an experienced Orange County Family Law attorney who will offer you reasonable, understanding legal guidance.