Child Abuse Suspicion: How to Handle it in Your Family Law Case

Posted on May 13, 2018

child abuseYou want to protect your children from many dangers, and unfortunately sometimes those dangers are in their own home. What happens if you believe that your child has been abused by your ex-spouse? When you are going through a family law case, these matters are extremely important. However, many parents don’t know what they can do to protect their own child during this difficult time. We can help.

When You Suspect Child Abuse

There are many ways that child abuse presents itself in your case, from your child coming home to your house with bruises or pulling away from you emotionally, hinting at the fact that somebody has been speaking with them negatively on a psychological level. Sometimes, it is difficult to pique exactly what is happening and, when your child is going through divorce, this can be an already-difficult time for them in their life. The best thing that you can do is to speak with them so that you can get the full story.

Abuse accusations are extremely serious moments, which is why it is important to gather every detail and never ignore what is happening.

When you believe that child abuse has occurred, it is important to speak with the court about the best course of action. At this point, you would have involved the police in your case and tried to get to the bottom of what is happening between the other parent and your child. If evidence points toward abuse, the court will understand this and order that visitation takes place in a supervised manner or send the parent and child to a special facility for meetings until further notice. You as the parent want to do whatever you can to protect your child; that’s a given.

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