What Challenges do Working Moms Face?

iStock_000020855946_Small(1)Working moms are constantly working to stay ahead as well as give their children a good life. Mothers in the U.S. work in many different positions, some commuting to work every day and others working from home. However, with being a working mother comes the realization that they may struggle to balance career and family. Because of this, mothers may face workplace incivility and they may feel penalized for choosing work.

Research has shown over time that mothers may be more likely to face workplace incivility than fathers. In fact, fathers may be treated more favorably in the workplace than nonfathers. Men who have children are known to receive higher starting salaries as well as a large range of benefits that come from their employment opportunities. Nowadays, you see both men and women that are “breadwinners” in the family.

Daycare Troubles, Gender Gap, and More

However, there are many more issues that women face when they are working. One of the biggest issues is mothers not being able to be home for their children when they are ill and miss school. Mothers are always aching to be at home with their sick children to care for them but many workplaces halt them from doing so. In fact, some workplaces are known to fire mothers who take off of work to care for sick children. Fortunately, more companies are starting to offer leave policies for mothers.

Other mothers face the hard truth that daycare is expensive but they might not have many other options. For many mothers, daycare can cause economic hardship as they struggle to pay the enormous costs in cities. The fact that mothers have to pay for daycare makes them feel as if they cannot miss time at work because of the consequences of not having enough money to afford these costs. Then, of course, there is the issue of the gender gap looming overhead, which causes women to have unequal pay from their male counterparts.

Because many women struggle to balance work and time with their children, custody matters can get complicated. There are many elements involved and many questions that you might have for us. Call us today for more information on how we can help you during these hard times.