The Many Aspects People Don’t Consider in Mediation

Everybody is nervous for their first mediation. You never know what to expect, from whether or not your case will be settled, to whether you and your ex can work things out on situations that you don’t necessarily agree on. The first thing you should always do is take a step back and breathe, because every part of the divorce process is going to bring a certain amount of stress – but you should never let it run your life. Being prepared can give you the best results when you are getting ready to go through mediation. We can help you understand every aspect that is needed from you so that you can plan for the best mediation session.

How to Prepare Yourself 

gathering informationFinancial Documents: There are many documents you want to bring to your mediation session to show what assets you have, from bank account forms, to mutual funds, retirement, real estate, vehicles, businesses, and other assets. You will want to assure that you have concrete evidence of your own assets as well as the ones that you share with your spouse. Working with your spouse will give you the best overview of what you might be missing. 

Controlling Emotions: Mediation involves negotiation, which means that you and your spouse will be communicating on many new levels. This means that you don’t want to use somebody’s words against them in a hurtful manner. If you have to see a therapist through the turmoil, it may be for the best.

Preparing to Negotiate: You want to push arguments to the side and focus on negotiation. You may have argued over many issues in the past and found that it only makes things worse. Negotiating, luckily, works very well and will help you conclude what you want out of these matters. 

Planning Budgets: If you know how much money you need for certain aspects of your life, it may be much easier to negotiate. You should be realistic, however. Your budget should include things like household expenses, car expenses, kid’s activities, health insurance, and more. 

Learning Your Rights: Gather information and read articles with the help of your attorney. You don’t want to go into the divorce process until you know exactly what to expect. We can help you through these times. If you are unsure of what to expect from mediation but know that it is probably the right choice for you, we want to hear from you today. At the Law Offices of Amy M. Montes, we care about your case and want to help you gain the results you deserve.