Absentee dad

What do you tell your child when he or she constantly asks where their daddy is?  How do you handle the fact that your child’s father does not want to be included in that child’s life?

Depending on the age of the child, tell him or her truth but no more.  Be positive – no negativity.  There could be a number of reasons he isn’t part of the child’s life.  For example, maybe he lives too far, or he’s married and has other children, or maybe he just isn’t ready to be a father.  They may not be good reasons, but they may be all he’s got.  Somewhere down the road, he may very well appear.

The fact that the father is not in the picture is not your fault and there is nothing that can be done; however, assuring your child of your love will go a long way.  If you have legal questions regarding an absentee father and his rights or obligations to your child, contact an experienced Orange County Family Law attorney who will be able to answer your questions.