Remarriage and How Your Custody Case Could be Affected

In most cases, a spouse can get remarried without any other issues calling a new order into question. However, sometimes the new relationship affects the child or their relationship with the other parent based on various factors. In these cases, custody could be affected and you could end up back in court making a new order.

When Abuse is Involved 

Of course, one of the main reasons why a new order could be called into question is when there is family discord, or a new spouse that is abusive toward the child. In these cases, the judge will typically view the case and make a decision on whether it is in the child’s best interest to award custody to the other parent to get away from the abuse. However, in these cases, there must be good evidence that details the abuse.


Relocation, of course, can also have a huge effect on the child and your custody situation. Sometimes, a parent will want to relocate due to the marriage, because they are moving in with a new husband or wife. In these cases, the judge will look at the child’s relationship with the other parent and what is in their best interest based on how it will affect the child to be away from their non-custodial parent. Uprooting a child from their life including their school, activities, and more, may not be in their best interest.

Positive Effects 

However, in some cases you may find that remarriage has actually had a positive effect on the child and their relationships. Perhaps you are able to show the court that, since your remarriage, your finances have improved, leading to better circumstances for your child. Perhaps you now have more chances to see your child because of another parent coming into the picture, which gives you more time to enjoy with them instead of working. These are all situations that become very real in remarriage cases. Call us today so we can help you in your time of need when you are talking remarriage and the effect it could have on your child.