My Spouse is Trying to Delay the Inevitable: The Divorce Process

divorce processDivorce can be frustrating in many ways, but you know what is the most frustrating? When one spouse won’t comply, either by spite or because they claim that they don’t have the time to deal with it, or because they don’t want to get divorced. The divorce process is streamlined to benefit both you and your spouse, and deciding whether or not to get a divorce is the biggest decision of all. If you’re sure about your decision and your spouse isn’t, how can you move forward? How do you get a divorce when one spouse just doesn’t agree?

Moving Forward in the Divorce Process 

You’ve given your many reasons for wanting a divorce. You’ve even stated those reasons on your petition, and now you aren’t sure what else to do because your spouse doesn’t want to go through with it. An attorney can help you get the results you want in this difficult time where you might feel as if you are moving forward in the divorce process without them. Perhaps you’re afraid that your spouse will just refuse to show up to the court hearing. After you have filed your petition, there are many steps that can take place from there.

  • You want to do whatever it takes to ensure that your spouse receives notice of your divorce. They cannot delay the inevitable any further if you ensure that they are served, or made aware, of the divorce. You don’t want to end up in a situation where your spouse blocks your divorce proceedings, so you want to make sure that they receive the papers.
  • Your spouse will probably not agree to settlement, so you’re almost guaranteed to go through court. Wait it out while you wait for your spouse to answer the petition.
  • Try to move forward with default judgment, which will give you whatever you seek in the divorce, especially when your spouse has refused to answer. You want to go to the hearing and prove your grounds as well as show proof that your spouse was served and had ample time to answer.
  • Make sure that you show all documentation in your case to show that your spouse did not abide by the rules and that your divorce is being done in good reason.

Do you have a spouse who doesn’t want to budge when it comes to your divorce? Perhaps you know that this is the best option for you but you aren’t sure where to turn. We are willing to help you with your divorce case, so give us a call today.